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Startapp was founded late 2010 by Gil Dukiewicz CEO- Founder and CEO, StartApp offers intelligent targeting and groundbreaking ad units to the mobile ad sector of today. We can offer the finest, most appropriate ad at any moment through our programmatic ad platform, helping publishers offer the most engaging user experience possible while providing the greatest outcomes to mobile advertisers at the same moment. StartApp is a mobile app monetization and distribution platform. Startapp is a very good Adnetwork with quality ads, the minimum withdrawal threehold is 50$ and they pay per click and installation. i can assure you that startapp is really a good adnetwork you’ll like if you to join because theirs is no much issues of banning. The most lovely thing about Start app is that you can use it to mine/ earn the online currency invoke “ethurium” straight to your wallet neither blockchain or coinbase or any or the wallet you have. Start app is really a good adnetwork paying users around the world, you can withdraw your money through these different platforms for your withdrawal Echeck/local Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, PayPal and StartApp External Payment.

For Advertisers

StartApp for Advertisers identifies those customers for advertisers who are interested in each individual item. They use programmatic targeting, intelligent information, and other creative choices to assist target precious web users.
They have a self-service platform to construct and launch mobile campaigns quickly and efficiently. They also provide a managed publicity platform.
Other characteristics include:

Full Data insights 
Native ad units
Animated and interactive advertisements

For Publishers

StartApp provides monetization alternatives for mobile publishers to allow them to gain elevated eCPMs. Different account configurations are accessible for publishers to maximize income. Publishers can choose to do this on their own or with specific account executives.

A Partners Platform allows immediate access to offline campaigns to rapidly get publishers began. StartApp supports development instruments and motors such as Android, iOS, Unity and Cordova.
A dashboard for publishers breaks down income information using the following metrics:

By country
By App 

The capacity to monitor output is also available to export daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

How to create an app as a publisher in Startapp
How can i monetize my app with Startapp?
Firstly, you are to sign up in your Startapp Account, Click on app in the dashboard

Click on Add New App botton.

When you click on Add app Button, then you click Havent Published only if you dont have you app published on play store or apple store
Then you fill the form which appears on the screen, then click Add App
Then Lastly, you copy the app id and send to your app developer of you do it yourself.
Note: if you do not have an app developer you can comment below i will help you figure that out

How does Startapp work

Startapp minimum withdrawal threehold is 50$ and they pay per clicks and installation of the apps advertised in the ads displaying on your App
What is Startapp External Payment?

This is a new type of payment introduced recently, it is a process where you are paid with the digital online Curreny “Etherium” directly to your wallet either coinbase, blockchain or any wallet which you use, so you dont need to buy your Ethurrium cuurency online all you just need is to develop an app and you earn.
How does StartApp Pays

Startapp pays through different means these different platforms for your withdrawals which i will be listing below.

Echeck/local Bank Transfer
Wire Transfer 
StartApp External Payment

Startapp Info

Platforms: Android, IOS
Key Markets: Global 
Type: Mobile Ad Network Ad Formats: App Icon, In-App, Interstitial, Video and Reward 
Models: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPM 
Targeting: App, Carrier, Competitors, Connection Type, Device, Gender, Geo, OS 
Tracking: Custom 

Startapp partners with developers of applications to assist them create more cash from their free applications by using their ads monetization, . We understand that most developers of Android apps do not generate true income from applications. Current choices for monetization, such as in-app advertisements and freemium, lead in poor user experience with no significant income. Start app strive to assist these developers create real income while enhancing their end user experience.

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