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Hello folks welcome to training for you so folks Welcome to the third exceptional class for so as of now I mean do the uncommon class Hello So our class status is one in any event look at Korea our very own he to my portrayal box or connection to connection to the DD Algeria unique class will be because of me get a man equivalent words examine vocation Are you ready to a Hey not just for it be diesel test an extraordinary class for instance vehicle on a post Eva any test June prudent English segment that individuals are considering somebody a Buddha work so how about we start our yet so on any equivalent words incorporate town halls you for instance who the high greatest time so we should begin number one What do we say una de las rambling a water meaning Cuba cash or seen any cash who sat over the keys to Manny Medina

The names of the high equivalent words to oversee can significance took a cake or unthinkable activity today parcel water importance to choice in the server farm incredible snobbish liberal alright so phenomenal Manitoba take a gander at Johnny Parliament a fabulous football crew in particularity latently evil spirit chief the dynamic in aggressor that is called uninvolved alright Bessie with wicked to despise better since power will sell so he’s not worried for that specific ping that is called lack of care or liberal cash to Johnny I’ve sat in so he had a cool apparatus meaning homeless person gelato tomato center point doc so right response to both awesome to G parcel implies phenomenal alright g part or phenomenal It was a significance which I do the center point OK so extremely mechanical switch it was excessively long

Which means are altogether equivalent words to more nontechies AJ part cash who is an awesome Coppola center point Hello Pamela to topographically accomplices next upon a slope radiate oozed what to ooze man who said these graphs OK these seats the seats will get your Abner alternative no doubt observe who’s flood vanish so I’m going to flood man I generally state to john an essential an accident or I to flood hey Eva needed to Tucson a dissipate who resemble midway motivation behind why to get back is to assault a number’s who’s to an importance and have every one of these subtleties young lady treat diagrams Cora so right answer was so ooze numerous seats are consistently cash off the outlines lenders criminal like blessed thought diaper state.

separate segment that is called lose or radiate next number 30s valiance get alright incredibly great definitely why what do they need choice to state truth early untruth OK pre excellent what to the choice is a fact man is any of our Lima to me sir so right response to reply about numbers see like alright right answer will be number see that is lie OK so pre generally excellent cash he said Mysa live like origami Samurai to be awesome

Next, how about we move to number four such a large number of waters is an agent alright representative your alternative of bananas I have to do is their agent official worker the delegate administrator protein at vocation official cash Johnny instrument collagen a hireling manual Jonny right it was a worker so delegate what to significance Kyoko yes right answer Hawaii marker is that right answer will be delegate delegates, cash agent yet protein opportunity OK protein in the Dakota like are they called your pioneer as a clergyman as a towel look they are called delegates white since they are the agents of our nation our ga Debian now since Mr. De har Amanda Cora Oliver since see Taco Bell a major enterprise lodging key for a sensitive outside agents cholera veiling the chance to God has given nearly sheep curry so delegate claim meaning agent next number five gone alright got an instrument meaning we state do battle two implications a lien cash the cash Common Kean diaper mano de que Missy nine more profound alright that is called gone no doubt about it I’m not optioned in that is the manner in which t bone me where the hard is alright we should see better believe it profound Borneo greasy so do you do go too high temp water seriously lean Holly too sharp howdy so we didn’t have our reasonable for know how exact answer Bonnie will be that right answer

how about we move to next number mC implies doing work quiet alright patient or July to make high so what alternative your course t need that group compliant or both the manual upon our liberal agreeable cash to one another so observe number choice turbo right answer profit

Keep persistent patient cash to show restraint the high to tolerance persistence lagers anxiety billion dollar for every patient or general as a group director accommodating to a general Buddha so on board will be the right answer next body Sham a word to significance key apnea yet the choice they state they need that as a phony bars I composed a wear said Robert My name is an incredible phony cash Misa so right answer will be phony successful online course right and the Sham methods counterfeit phony what to take my name is Sammy to I composed a sharp of the two into a game or top Buddha next word is three and three on what to seriously alternatives any server farm triumph casualty of viciousness tallness three cash upon our delight OK triumph or happiness you are that is nation however so

Triumph to number eight to address answer next is easygoing cash who is the proprietor a to water importance to state when I appreciate Cora acclaim shocking Leo Butz the new score LBJ so minds each of the one zone here state happen it would respect or it could be some cash. Pelle, Pelle Campbell held by a training or Hey back legitimately. So that is called easygoing. So alternative the benefit they required honeyed words and information to fulfill it. Alright. So honeyed words my new Abner ready to include my insight man against an awful cash full ways they need to begin with T so right answer. honeyed words. Indeed, blandishment will be a similar importance as bootlicking. Disgrace. That is a case despite the fact that it is same importance show Carissa so drop or sweet talk do it directly at my is Cordell to the composed word BSA disagreeable please enter hot alright and please and please enter a difficult to do and this and cash and on that I have no howdy kindly don’t freeze and under kick the bucket of a heart screen travel so right answer please and OK like I mean br city will do a word to be fundamentally utilize like our Cordell greeting OK so in your sentence another squares of record your information positive request however you are significant wonderful Coppola and under the model Nexus a touch of choice the advantage Anita defer Evan don’t lessen delay cash so I desert cash leaf Cora Evan don’t leave any swag at any point done accurately to implying that reduce cash visa or a terrible water commies by means of was a diminishing Curragh. So observe number will be the right answer, reduce, or a bed. Alright, about cash lessen grandmother J. Next word upon a slope number to be unadulterated IP appearance. What to adolescent puree, do they say? mean? Right? OK.

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