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What is 5G Technology
5G is usually regarded as the fifth generation of broadband-based cellular network technology or let me say It is the next-fifth-generation mobile Internet connectivity that promises much quicker information download and upload speeds, broader coverage and more stable connections. The aim is to make better use of the radio spectrum and at the same time allow far more devices to access the mobile Internet.. The industry association 3GPP defines any system using “5 G NR” software as “5 G”, a definition that came into general use by late 2018. 5G technology is an advance technology that every one on this planet earth is looking up to. Wireless fifth generation (5G) is the recent cellular technology iteration designed to significantly boost wireless network velocity and responsiveness. … Overall, as the technology is rolled out, 5G is anticipated to create a range of fresh apps, uses and company instances.

Before you drop everything “4G/LTE” and run off to buy a new smart phone or capable/Router of 5G, understand that 5G is not yet formally available. Probably most Americans will not have access to a 5G network until about 2020 or so. Giant businesses like Verizon, AT&T, Samsung, and Nokia, among many others, are already investing enormous cash in this recent wireless scheme because mobile phones are large company.

They hope to create a network that can provide download speeds of approximately 10,000 Mbps (megabits per second), theoretically. This is about three times faster than existing 4G networks, which means fewer delays and even more complicated and strong smartphone applications. I cant just imagine me downloading a full movie in less that a minute “wow” i cant just wait till they launch the 5G because it is going to be awesome.

What is 5G Speed

5G will enhance the mobile Internet significantly. At present, LTE is the fastest available mobile technology supporting maximum information rates of up to 300 megabits per second (Mbit / s). Since 5G LTE has been introduced and it is “3x” times faster than 4G, so the the supporting information should rate up to 10,000 megabit/sec.

Is 5G Dangerous?
The answer to that is NO!, There is no proven health danger, but the use of high-frequency bands may lead to disturbance of weather data.

You do not have to panic about the Radiation, Radio frequency areas are identified as potentially carcinogenic to humans, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). This is the same classification provided to coffee, as Digital Trends pointed out in its article.

The FDA quoted the same article stating that it “continues to think that the present safety boundaries for radio frequency energy exposure to cell phones stay acceptable to protect public health.” Radio waves generated by telephones and towers now appear to have no danger to human health.

Predicting the Weather

The high frequency 24Ghz bands used by some upcoming fast 5 G to generate top speeds are very near to the 23.8Ghz region used by meteorologists to evaluate atmospheric water. This is because tower equipment may not be sufficiently accurate to interfere with the smaller bands when energy is pushed above -20 decibel watts per 200 megahertz. The signal can become noisier and get more in the manner when amplified to these energy concentrations for maximum coverage.

It’s simple to see with a little imagination the kind of issues that can come from not being able to assess the weather correctly.As projections suffer, individuals may not have the finest data to make a choice under severe weather conditions. With less precise forecast, staffing for crews responding to weather circumstances on roadways may not have the resources in location as rapidly.

Only time will show the precise effect of the interference, but the significant effect on mobile consumers in the quicker, high-frequency bands could be a decrease in signal strength of you been able to access our weather forecasts . It is hoped that carriers will work to ensure that their equipment does as little harm as possible to measurements.

Is 5G different from 4G/”LTE[long term evolution]”?
Yes, it’s a brand new radio technology, but you may not notice vastly higher speeds at first because network operators are likely to use 5G initially as a way to boost capacity on existing 4G (LTE-Long-Term Evolution) networks to ensure a more consistent customer service. The speed you get depends on which operator’s spectrum band is running the 5 G technology and how much your carrier has invested in fresh masts and transmitters.

Do you think we need 5G?
Yes we do, the world is moving forward daily and every year we consume more information, especially as the popularity of streaming of video and music rises. Existing spectrum bands are becoming congested, resulting in service breakdowns, especially when many individuals in the same region are simultaneously attempting to access mobile internet services. 5 G is much better at simultaneously managing thousands of devices, from mobile devices to equipment detectors, video cameras to intelligent road lamps.

4 G was launched in 2009/10, compatible smartphones were launched on the market before the infrastructure was fully rolled out, resulting in some frustration among customers who thought they were paying more for patchy service subscriptions. This time, it is unlikely that phone makers will make the same mistake, launching 5G handsets only when the new networks are prepared, likely towards the end of 2019. For a more stable service, these next-generation phones will be able to seamlessly switch between 4G and 5G networks.

Will 5G work in rural areas?

A prevalent complaint in the UK and many other nations is the lack of signal and low information rates in rural regions. But 5G will not necessarily solve this problem as it will work on high-frequency bands-at least to begin with – which have a lot of ability but cover shorter distances. 5 G will be mainly a densely populated urban service. Lower frequency bands (typically 600-800Mhz) are better over longer distances, so network operators will focus on enhancing their 4G LTE coverage parallel to 5 G roll-out.

But business truth implies that connectivity will still be patchy for some individuals in very distant regions at best without public subsidy making it worth going to these locations for network operators. This is for 5 G networks constructed in conjunction with existing 4G/LTE networks. Standalone 5G networks, on the other side, could readily attain gigabit-plus browsing speeds as normal, running at very elevated frequencies (say 30GHz). But until a few years later, these are unlikely to come in.
Overall 5G is going to generate new varieties of application, uses and business cases as the 5G gets released.

Treble, on the other side, was treated well–the string counter-melodies and melodies sounded different and clean when we listened to Live And Die by The Avett Brothers, although the above-mentioned absence of music had somewhat thrown off the equilibrium.
However, there is another audio issue in the form of distorting some tools. The drum track, particularly the use of the hi-hat, was frequently distorted in Chiddy Bang’s Opposite of Adults, which was a bit annoying to listen to. Some songs took it even further–at one stage or another, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama had half its tools distorted.
At greater volumes, this issue was more noticeable, and it generally felt that the Wicket Audio ARQ could not manage large volumes at all.
Connectivity, however, was the most annoying element of music playback, as the Wicked Audio ARQ buds seemed hell-bound to drop their link, lose contact with each other, and flicker on and off when playing music.
Only two songs were interrupted on an hour-long walk, and the rest of the time the right earbud started and stopped playing randomly, dropping out and then resuming every few seconds–at some points both started doing the same, and it was rare for any song to play for more than a few seconds without connecting in one or both buds dropping.

These issues were not compatible, particularly when playing music while remaining static, but there were still frequent issues, primarily in the form of the correct earbud dropping its link momentarily.


True wireless headphones in the convenience department have a very hard time — and sadly the headphones of Wicked Audio ARQ are no exception to this rule. Because of their basic shape, the headphones aren’t really intended to maintain them in the ear with any unique bumps or grooves— and we discovered that the headphones were in severe risk of falling out with any mild motion.
Despite the risk of dropping headphones, they were comparatively comfortable when they stayed in the ears. The headphones are fairly light, and not too dense is the arm that extends into your ears, which is very helpful in ensuring a comfortable fit. That’s unlike headphones like the Master & Dynamic MW07, which give an unlikely fall-out excellent fit.

Our time spent with the real wireless earbuds of the Wicked Audio ARQ was a mixed bag–while we scarcely required to pay them, and valued how light they are, the steady dropouts of connectivity, and the lukewarm quality of audio, overshadowed our experience with frustration.

The ARQ is cheaper on its price tag than other earphones that tick the same boxes, like the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Apple AirPods, but from these products you get a much more secure product.
Maybe if you want to listen to podcast headphones, you won’t mind the problems with the audio connection, and people who can’t commonly charge could enjoy the huge battery. Other than that, however, these wireless earphones are difficult to recommend.

Is the Wicked Audio ARQ really worth purchasing wireless headphones? Well… that varies. If you’re searching for real wireless headphones and you have less than $100 to spend, that’s likely the way to go, but if you can spend a little more money, we suggest that you do that. Nevertheless, given the small cost and good value for cash, the Headphone Review Bronze Medal has been given to the Wicked Audio ARQ for real wireless headphones.

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