NNU Income Program Review 2019: All You Need To Know

NNU income program has turn NNU Forum to be the latest way to make more money online just by reading, sharing, commenting on news NNU Forum

What is the NNU Income Program?

Not that long ago, Nigeria New Update (nnu.ng, formerly nnu.com.ng) created their Income Program in hope to help Nigerians and Nigeria as a whole to deal with their financial problems. Their particular focus is on young people, students and members of the middle class who are looking for some passive monthly income.

NNU income program

NIP has two divisions:

  • NARS (stands for NNU Ad Revenue Sharing) allows participants to earn residual income by simply logging into their accounts on the daily basis, leaving comments, reading news, posting in forum topics or sharing specific sponsored posts on their social media. NNU shares their monthly ad revenue with people who participate.
  • NAP (stands for NNU Affiliate Program) recognises all the approved registered accounts as affiliates, allowing their owners to earn 62.5% commission on referral. So if someone uses your referral link to register on the website, you will receive 62.5%, which is actually ₦1,000 (registration costs ₦1,600). 

NNU Forum Review 2019: SCAM or LEGIT?

I personally didn’t believe in this before but when I saw payment proofs, I decided to join. It works for everyone, irrespective of your age, height, gender etc all it needs from you is your time only. In this post, I will be showing you all you need to know about NNU including the following:

  • What is NNU income program legit?
  • Is NNU legit?
  • How to register for NNU?
  • How to earn more money with NNU?
  • How to receive your money on NNU
  • Tricks to get more referrals on NNU and many more.

Since I realize that is the thing that any individual who results in these present circumstances post is searching for.

Sufficiently alright stories as of now;

I would prefer not to squander your time, so I will walk you through the straightforward nnu enrollment instructional exercise

NNU Registration Tips: How to Register on NNU Income Program Fast.

 NNU registration is very simple and fast. First thing to do is get your money really. Registration costs just N1600

You are not asked to pay any other fees after registration. You simply need to  Sign Up HERE. and fill the form with your correct details.

If you are like me that don’t like wasting time at all, then you can pay with your ATM either verve, mastercard or Visa.


Choose?Paystack?as? the?payment option?and click the Agree button. Pay your?N1,600?using your ATM Card

Once the payment is complete, your account is approved instantly or automatically (No need to wait).

If the payment doesn?t go through, try and initiate it again, it should go through but if it still doesn’t

Then Contact Me on (Phone Number Removed)?and I will sell you Coupon or help you to register with my own Verve Card FAST.

  •  ATM card (Verve, MasterCard, and Visa)
  • Paystack
  • Coupon code

Paystack: When you pay with paystack, you use your ATM to perform online transaction and send the N1600.

This will take some time before your account will be approved. You will then receive an email confirming your payment and then you can start earning.

It is very easy and fast but approval may take up to 24 hours compared to the other method.

Coupon code: When you buy NNU coupon code from me, you will be verified in less than an hour.

That’s all.

How to make money with NNU income program (NNU payment Cheat)

There are many ways to make money from NNU and all these ways involve some work but don’t worry, I will guide you through the best tricks to make cool income on this platform. Are you ready?

Oya go and bring your book and Biro first because this is going to get interesting. I promise I am not like other bloggers who copy and paste.

What you are about to see here is something you have not seen on any other blog, including the NNU platform itself.

I will first explain how making money from NNU income program works then I will explain what you have to do to make extra than others.

These are the different ways to make money on NNU:

  • Daily login
  • Commenting
  • Sponsored post sharing
  • Referrals
  • Posting your own articles

Those are the four possible ways of earning through NNU but let me explain how each and everything works for you.

1. Daily login: NNU pays N50 for every login you make daily. When you login for a week, that is just N250 for just pressing your phone.

Now, imagine how much you will make when you actually perform the real tasks. If you login for a month, you will make N50*30=N1500 per month on only logins alone.

Let’s go to the second way to make money on the platform.

2. Commenting: Each meaningful comment you make on the platform is worth N2. I used “meaningful” because some people can be crazy spammers and some people don’t actually read the news before commenting.

If you do not read the news, NNU will not pay you when you comment nonsense like “lol”, ” cool posts”, “nice write up”.

They want people that will create engagements and work hard. Which brings us to the next way to make money from them.

So if you make up to 20 comments per day in just 1 hour of work, you will make (N40+N50)*30=N2700 but that’s not all…I am getting to the exciting aspects now.

3. Sponsored post sharing:If you have a Facebook or twitter account, then this is for you.

NNU pays you N100 for just sharing a sponsored post on your Facebook timeline or twitter account.

Everyday, you are given a sponsored post to share the instructions on how to share it.

When you share, you are required to click on a link that confirms you have shared that post. After clicking the link, your account will be credited with N100.

If you click the link without sharing, your payment will not be sent when you request for withdrawal since you are a frrraaaauuuuddddd.

N100*30=N3000 per month for just sharing posts alone. Now add it to your previous earnings.

N3000+N1500+N2700=N7200. As a student, this is another side hustle for you. Don’t dull it. Let us go to the big ones now.

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4. Referrals: This is the sweetest way to make money on NNU. Since you sign up with N1600, NNU will credit the person you signed up through with 65% (N1000). So please Sign Up HERE.

I am still a teenager in search of small cash for school. Lol. But I am serious, you get paid N1000 for everybody you send to NNU through your link.

If you can refer one person per day, you will earn N30,000 per month.

This is almost double what NYSC members are paid every month. Don’t close this post yet, I will show you how to get more refereferrals for NNU (that’s the big secret about this post).

5. Post your own articles: if you have that idea that has been pinching you so bad, NNU is the right place to post it. NNU pays you N100 for every article that gets approved.

You can post about relationships, technologies and so on. A wide variety of topics is accepted.

You can not post illegal topics though or else you will see your name in the Blacklist. Yes, they have a blacklist.

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